Prohibited Items


Effective Date: April 19th, 2018

Last Modified: April 19th, 2018

The following is a partial, exemplary list of items prohibited for sale on Please be advised this list should not be considered exhaustive and EZSales123 may remove any item listed for sale in our sole and exclusive discretion:

Weapons (including firearms, specifically guns such as bb/pellet, stun, and spear), weapon components (ammunition, clips, cartridges, reloading materials, gunpowder),swords, explosives, adult/sexual items, pornography of any kind, bestiality, offers or soliciting of prostitution, alcohol, tobacco, animals or wildlife, stud service, catalytic converters, digitally-delivered goods, illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia, prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, satellite TV scramblers, food items, hazardous restricted or regulated materials, human remains, human body parts (including organs or bones), blacksmithing equipment, mailing lists, personal information, social networking accounts, coupons, medical equipment that requires a prescription to obtain, law enforcement badges or law enforcement equipment (from local, state, or federal agencies), recalled items, electric slot or gambling machines, counterfeit currency, stamps, equipment designed to make counterfeit currency or stamps, travel services, vacation packages, used cosmetics or used hygiene products, food stamps, WIC vouchers or SNAP or WIC goods or cards, stolen property, property with an altered or removed serial number, drivers licenses, ID cards, social security cards, birth certificates, death certificates, government-issued medals, ribbons, buttons, or certificates.

The sale or offering of prizes or other promotions is not allowed.

The offering of personal relationships is not allowed.

The sale of stocks, bonds, securities, treasuries or any item controlled by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is not allowed.

The sale of electronic equipment in the U.S. is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). You cannot list equipment prohibited by the FCC such as cell, GPS and other signal jamming equipment.

Special information on the sale of certain items:


Artwork is allowed in its original form. Duplicates or replicas of artwork are allowed, but you represent and warrant that such duplicates or replicas do not violate the intellectual property rights of any third party.

The sale of vintage uniforms (including hats, bags, and ties) from transit or shipping companies is allowed as long as the item at least 10 years old and is no longer used by any transit or shipping organization or company, that it does not look like any uniforms currently used by transit or shipping companies, and that no intellectual property rights of any company or individual will be violated by such sale, display, or use.

Three types of gift cards are permitted: retail gift cards, paper-based gift certificates, and phone cards for minutes. If the gift card has an expiration date it must be included in the listing. No gift cards over the cost of $500 can be listed.

Real Estate is allowed only as a local sale, either as for sale by owner or for sale through a licensed real estate professional. No individual third-parties are allowed.

Businesses can sell products on as long as they follow the above guidelines. Business service advertising must be approved prior to posting, in writing, by staff.